Our School

At my Second Home we provide an environment that is both healthy and safe. We constantly promote environmental and personal consciousness, leading our children to benefit from a healthy diet with a variety of nutritional foods and plenty of exercise.

Our facilities have been developed with the latest material and equipment that are not only safety proof but are design to meet the appropriate age development requirements.

Our license has a capacity for twelve infants and twelve toddlers offering a quality program that considers the individual learning process of each child.

We respect multicultural diversity and children’s responses to formal and informal curriculum, thus we make sure to deal with several aspects of human diversity such as race, ethnicity, gender, religion and exceptionality.

We work hard in forming happy, successful and pro-social children in a positive climate and safe environment.

All of the instructors are native speakers because we emphasize proper pronunciation and exposure to various aspects of Latin culture.

About Spanish Immersion Curriculum

The method chosen for the children to feel comfortable rather than confused or pressured to learn a new language is through linguistic immersion. That is, introducing the Spanish language naturally through situations. Our native Spanish speaker teachers create a rich multicultural experience, allowing the children not only to assimilate the language but also learn the customs and culture of another country, thereby developing an open and tolerant mind.

The earlier a child learns a language the better. Younger children are without inhibitions and so will speak naturally and with native like pronunciation. Knowing a second language does prepare us better for life in the multicultural, multilingual world of the twenty-first century, and can provide a competitive advantage in the workplace.

About The Founder

Ana Cecilia Valdivieso was born in Peru and came to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1998. She holds two professional degrees, one is a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education and a Master in Education with a certification as an Advance Trainer in Education Curriculum from the Catholic University in Lima, Peru.

Currently she holds a State of California Childcare Teaching Credentials as a Program Director.

Ana came to the United States with a dream to open her own Childcare Center and bring Spanish Immersion Curriculum to the local community. In 2007 she opened My Second Home Center bringing a program designed to stimulate the educational development in infants and toddlers.

It is her believe that the growing demand for global skills in business has given rise to unprecedented interest and growth in language development and proficiency. The earlier children learn a second language, the more proficient they become.

Ana's goal is to continue studies in the field of child education and she looks forward to continue the development of the Center's program in enhancing the bond among children, their families and our staff.

Community Recognitions

We are proud of our work and we are thankful that the Community recognizes our efforts and good service.

During 2011 My Second Home was feature by the Hispanic TV Network UNIVISION as "Pride of our Hispanic Community" for being a business that supports our Bay Area neighborhoods.

California Peru Live, Interview as an example on Making Your Dreams A Reality

Bay Area Chapter of the Women Initiatives Organization honor us with the recognition of the 2011 Entrepreneur Spirit Award

We had the honor to be visited by our local congressman and accepted his recognition for our good work and services.

We are a group of highly qualified professional women that are proud to provide the best personal care for your children. We love our careers and we are proud to educate your children's first steps.

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