Our Services

At My Secord Home, we educate for the future. We have developmental games, books, puzzles, music and the appropiate educative equipment to develop your child's abilities.

 Infants programs 0 to 24 months
 Toddlers extension 18 to 30 months
 Spanish inmersion curriculum
 All instructors are native spanish speakers
 Small setting arrangement for an individualize learning process

We Offer

 Safety and healthy environment
 Brand new facilities
 Full time and part time services
 Competitive rates
 Nutritious meals and snacks

We are working with the POCET Program. The POCET program is a tool that help us support and encourage development through observation and tracking. The POCET Program is divided into 4 steps:

  1. Identify appropiate sequence of developmental stages
  2. Provides support for skills development
  3. Records individual progress through a checklist that will be provided to you
  4. Uses data to inform care and instruction through a lesson plan
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